Are you part of the Great Resignation — the record number of Americans (4 million in April 2021 alone!) who the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports are quitting each month and looking for a new employer? Or maybe your employment status changed early in the pandemic and you are now looking to re-enter the workforce. Either way, you’ll need to brush up on your job interview skills and adapt to current trends in job interviewing in order to land that coveted new position. 

To help you prepare, five presentation skills experts from Spoken with Authority recently discussed what to expect and job interview tips so you can make a great impression during the oral communication piece of the hiring process. Watch our panel discussion and read below for highlights of job interview tips.

Clockwise from top left: Bjørn Stillion Southard, Christine Clapp, Lisa Richard, David Henderson, Christina McLean

Bjørn Stillion Southard

“Storytelling is important. Have stories and use them wisely. In this new distributed and competitive job environment, where candidates are applying for jobs they would have never thought about before, your stories are going to explain who you are and make you memorable.”

Lisa Richard

“Prepare for the interview and imagine that nobody will be able to see you — this is the reality for job interviews over the phone or on Zoom when camera use is not expected or required. Can you project your personality with your voice, content, and energy?”

Christina McLean

“Our mindset behind the process of interviewing can impact our confidence and what we project. Go into an interview understanding that this is a two-way conversation. Not only is the prospective employer interviewing you, but you are interviewing them. With this confidence, think about what questions you can ask to make sure it’s a good fit.” 

David Henderson

“Record yourself then recruit a friend, mentor, or coach to watch it with you (as embarrassing as this may be). See what you look like and ask the question, ‘Does this person in the recording seem like me and the way I need to present myself to have a successful interview?’.  This will increase self-awareness of how you come across on camera.”

Christine Clapp

“Use your story to link back to the traits you want people to remember about you. Come up with adjectives that are not true about everyone — such as being competitive or dogged — words that uniquely describe you. This not only helps you stand out, but helps the employer understand who you truly are and if you’d be the best fit for the position, team, and organization.”

Interested in more support or job interview tips?

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The panel discussion video with job interview tips can also be viewed on YouTube.